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The Power Of Technology At Your Fingertips

The emergence of smartphones has changed the technological landscape - creating the need to automate and integrate business processes on mobile platforms. At STS, we provide innovative solutions to help you keep up with evolving mobile technology and maximize the platform’s potential.

Our expert team develops both enterprise level as well as consumer targeted custom applications, on both Native OS and Hybrids.

Specialized Capabilities Across Multiple Platforms

We give you access to a skilled team that maps out your mobility strategy and develops next-generation applications that

helps you stay buoyed

With a pool of experienced and talented resources,we offer a spectrum of mobility services:

  1. Native OS:

    1. iOS Applications:

      Backed by an innovative team and utilizing a unique development process, we render impeccable power and functionality to your iPhones and iPads. We develop, test and deploy ground-breaking applications that work efficiently for mobiles and other handheld devices.

    2. Android Applications:

      The strategic mobile solutions also extend to the Android platform - with applications that include knowledge systems and location-based services. Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of development processes, we deliver robust applications that cater to diversified business needs.

    3. Windows Applications:

      Being a fairly new contender and an underestimated platform at the mobile application, STS, extends enterprise mobility services to the Windows platform. We constantly analyze fresh avenues to develop applications that coherently function across windows devices.

    4. BlackBerry Applications:

      With its endless innovative features, such as its BlackBerry Messenger service and security features in its reconstructed BES 10 management server, BlackBerry is still one of the most sought after platforms today. We at STS extend our exceptional mobile app development services to innovate end to end applications across this platform.

  2. Hybrid Applications:

    With a combination of prebuilt native containers with on-the-fly web coding, Our Hybrid platforms achieve the best of both worlds. To reach out, cover an expanse of platforms available, and further extend your enterprise mobility services, we at STS cater to a wide array of mobile app development services spanning across devices that use Hybrid platforms.

  3. Mobile Web Development:

    Our mobile user experience team analyzes, develops, and implements fine website viewing experience for your users. Through our services, we mitigate web and mobile boundaries by helping your product adapt effortlessly with any device.